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Learn more about how you can get involved with Voterfied no matter where you live or who represents you.

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Want to see what Voterfied is all about? Sign up and weigh in on national and local issues. You now have a direct line of communication to candidates and elected officials!

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If candidates or elected officials already use Voterfied, complete the two-step process to become a Validated Voter™. First, we make sure you are who you say you are-- verifying your identity. Then, we make sure you are registered to vote in the city, district, or state for the elected official you're connecting with.

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Are your elected officials or candidates not yet on Voterfied? Help us get them on board by sharing our website with them!

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Want to help spread the word about Voterfied? We can help you reach out to friends and family via email, text, Facebook, and Twitter. Encourage them to sign up and make their voices heard. We can also connect you with our partner organizations helping regular Americans like you engage directly with elected officials.

Speak directly to your candidates and elected officials.

Once you're a Validated Voter™, you can weigh in from anywhere.


When your representatives are on Voterfied, you know they're listening directly to you on issues that matter.

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After you've weighed in, see what other Validated Voters™ think in real time.


We keep your data safe with cutting-edge tools and blockchain technology.


Representatives share information that helps you understand issues and the laws they're looking to pass.


Getting your friends and neighbors on Voterfied can help shape your representative's opinion if enough people speak up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Voterfied
Why should I use Voterfied? 

Are you happy with the direction of your city, state, and the country as a whole? Feeling frustrated and wish things were different? Whatever your opinion on broad issues or specific laws, your elected officials need to hear more from you.

Is my Voterfied vote an official vote?

Your Voterfied vote is not a vote for any political election, and is solely meant for voicing your opinion to your representative.

If I vote on Voterfied, do I also have to vote in the election?

While we would like to encourage constituents to vote in the elections that affect them and their community, the choice to do so is unrelated to Voterfied and is entirely up to you.

What if I don't want my neighbors to see how I vote?

On Voterfied, your vote is completely anonymous to your neighbors, giving you the confidence to accurately voice your opinion.

What do you mean by "verified?"

When you sign up for Voterfied, we reference your information against existing publicly available databases. This lets us validate that you are actually a constituent of the candidate you're signing up for, so they know that your feedback truly matters to them.

What if my elected officials aren't on Voterfied? 

Tell them you want them to use Voterfied! You can send our website via Tweets, Facebook messages, and emails to encourage your representatives to better listen to you, your family, your neighbors, and your friends.

Why would a representative of mine use Voterfied? 

They work for you, plain and simple.

Poll after poll tells us that Americans feel their elected representatives don't listen to their concerns enough. With a secure platform accessible on a mobile app or via a website, we help you weigh in on issues and laws that affect you and their families.

How do you use the blockchain? 

Voterfied is powered by the Linux Hyperledger. This blockchain lets us record your responses in a one-way record that can't be hacked or falsified. It has a reliable audit trail, so independent third-party auditors can ensure that your responses belong to you. That all happens invisibly, so what you see is a simple button to share your thoughts. But at the same time, there's some powerful technology at work behind the scenes to keep your vote safe.

What will my elected official do with the results?

This will vary from elected official to elected official. Voterfied can be used to gauge where constituents stand on a single issue, increase political participation, increase transparency, keep the elected official accountable, or even direct the elected official on how she should vote on issues.

Can I change my vote?

As long as the poll is active, Voterfied will allow you to change your vote as many times as you’d like. Some polls will have a deadline, but within the deadline you are allowed to change your vote as many times as you want. Some polls may not have a deadline as elected officials will want to gauge how the opinions of voters may change over time.

Where can I use Voterfied?

Voterfied will allow you to connect with your elected officials on important issues from anywhere, anytime. You can be out of the city, state, or country for travel or work and still have your voice heard as long as you are a registered voter. You will be able to cast your vote and voice from your home computer, laptop, or smartphone. Voterfied allows you to engage with your elected official like never before.

Am I allowed to vote in another elected official’s poll?

It depends. You might only have the ability to vote with the elected official(s) from where you are registered. Some elected officials outside your area may open up their polls to wider audiences, therefore allowing you to cast a vote. This allows elected officials to truly gauge where their constituents stand on important issues and it potentially compares those stances to voters outside the district, ultimately better meeting their voters’ needs.

How do I know if I am a registered voter thus allowing me to voice my opinion on Voterfied?

We check for you. When you sign up we match you with your elected official(s). If you are not a registered voter, then we will let you know how you can become one! We make this process easy so everyone is included.

Can I get my friends, neighbors, and family members to vote too?

Yes! If your friends, family members or neighbors share a representative that is on Voterfied, then they can join in on the discussion too!