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Voterfied powers constituent outreach for cities and all levels of government.
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Pick the Issues

Conduct advanced issue-based polling on topics and issues through an online voting, virtual town hall platform.

Track Results

Stop tallying calls, emails, and faxes. Voterfied shows you in real time what your constituents think.

Know Your Voters

Build detailed universes so you know what complex matrix of issues motivates your constituents.

Respond Quickly and Directly

Plan and tune your messaging to address the hopes, fears, concerns, and issues your constituents care about right now.

6 powerful features you've been looking for.

Only your actual constituents can share their opinions on Voterfied.

Public Relations

Improve city-to-resident communication by providing a meaninful online public participation tool.


Integrate Voterfied into your social media posts, emails, and all other forms of outreach to collect verified issue sentiment data.


You control the questions and whether they're anonymous or tied to a particular voter. 

Digital Democracy

Constituents feel heard and can participate from anywhere on any device.

Data Analytics

Segment voters and manage data to micro-target specific demographics and refine messaging.

Voterfied in the News

Apr 28, 2020

The platform works by vetting registered voters and putting them in direct contact with candidates or representatives. It allows for communication outside of a city council meeting or a candidate forum.

Nov 26, 2018

Voterfied helps residents be heard by their elected officials.

The platform brings town halls, polls, and citizen engagement online.

Coronado Residents:

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