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Voterfied powers winning elections through issue voting.
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Pick the Issues

Conduct advanced issue-based polling or hear from your constituents about specific legislation.

Track Results

Stop tallying calls, emails, and faxes. Voterfied shows you in real time what your constituents think.

Know Your Voters

Build detailed universes so you know what complex matrix of issues motivates the voters you represent.

Respond Quickly and Directly

Plan and tune your messaging to address the hopes, fears, concerns, and issues your constituents care about right now.

6 powerful features you've been looking for.

Only your actual constituents can share their opinions on Voterfied. Voterfied is built on the Linux Hyperledger, leveraging the blockchain for security and transparency.

Public Relations

Increase earned media and improve public image, giving you the best chance to win your election.


Voterfied can be integrated into your social media and Mailchimp campaigns to deliver interactive content that drives more traffic and builds greater name ID amongst targeted voters.


You control the questions and whether they're anonymous or tied to a particular voter. 

Data Analytics

Segment voters and manage data to micro-target specific demographics and refine messaging.

Get out the vote

Voterfied can tie in to your GOTV databases to help get your most engaged voters to the polls.

Political Consulting
Voterfied offers political consulting services in the form of data-driven targeting, strategy and messaging. Voterfied is non-partisan and will partner with any candidate or elected official that is looking to build a more participatory community.

Experienced Campaigners:

  • Congressional
  • City Council
  • Mayoral
  • Statewide Ballot Measures

Whatever your campaign entails, Voterfied is ready to get to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Voterfied
Who should use Voterfied? 

If you run for office, you need Voterfied.
City council members, mayors, state legislators, and United States Representatives and Senators all need to hear from constituents more and about a broader range of issues.

What do you mean by "verified?"

When a new voter joins the platform, we reference their information against the county voter file or state driver's license database. This lets us validate that this person is actually your constituent so you know that their feedback matters to you.

Can Voterfied be customized for my office? 

From welcome emails to poll text and reporting, you control the Voterfied experience for your constituents. Please reach out to us to discuss more specific customization-- we'll make it work for you.

Why would a constituent of mine use Voterfied? 

It's an easy way to open up efficient communication between officeholders and voters.

Poll after poll tells us that Americans feel their elected representatives don't listen to their concerns enough. With a secure platform accessible on a mobile app or via a website, Voterfied lets constituents weigh in on issues and legislation that affects them and their families.

Are there comments allowed with the votes?

As an elected official or candidate on Voterfied, the choice is entirely up to you. For each question you ask, the ability for consituents to leave a comment can be toggled on or off.

How do you use the blockchain? 

Voterfied is powered by the Linux Hyperledger. This blockchain lets us record voter responses in a one-way record that can't be hacked or falsified. It preserves anonymity for voters and can be audited at any time.

If I win, can I still use Voterfied?

Voterfied has been designed as a powerful tool for both candidates and elected officials. From garnering goodwill, to collecting valuable data, to winning elections and re-election campaigns, Voterfied handles all of your needs.